How do I view profiles of a list by "date added"?

  • 21 January 2022
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How do I view/sort profiles of a list by "date added"?


I would like to be able to view the profiles in a list by the day / week / month they were added to that list.


This is where I get stuck:

List & Segments > List


I can see there’s an “added” column, but I have a big list and it’s not useful to scroll through the entire list and mark down which month the profiles belong to.


But how about when I go into “List Growth”? Yeah… No luck, either…
List & Segments > List > List Growth

This does not show me the individual profiles, but only how many there are in a given month.

I think it makes more sense to add a filter function to the list so people don’t have to flip back and forth to cross check. It’s just too many steps.


Is there a way around this?


Any suggestions, advice would be appreciated.




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Hi Charlie, to better help out here, what’s the end goal you’re trying to accomplish (ie. why do you want to see the profiles by day/week/month)? 


The reason I’m asking is that there may be a way to get to your end goal in different ways

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Reason 1:

We’re a chiropractic studio.

It’s for record-keeping purposes, but also to make sure we have a good sense of what stage our clients are in our care.


Reason 2:

Right now, to keep track of which clients signed on which month, we are creating new lists each month and naming them by the month — ex. the “Jan 2022” list shows you all the profiles in there.


If we keep doing it like this, it’s eventually going to get hard to track, and we’re going to have too many lists — it’s not sustainable.

Reason 3:

We want to separate people by 2 lists.

List A: People who subscribed to our newsletters

List B: Clients who sign up for chiropractic care — onboarding / welcome automation flows will be sent to them upon sign up (we want to make sure general subscribers don’t get these emails)


Would appreciate any advice.





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Hi @Charlie_was_here,

Thanks for laying out your questions and reasoning here regarding your problem. 

To look at users into their own section based on a date added, I would recommend segmenting with dates as a condition. I would use the segment rule of "Subscribed to list X between X dates" for your customers you wanted to view for different time periods. Creating segments instead of multiple lists would be best practice for scalability of your work long term. More information can be found on our Help Center articles: Why Having a Single Main List is Beneficial and Understanding The Difference Between Segments and Lists.

As for your last reasoning or goal to separate mailing based on whether or not a customer has signed up for chiropractic care, this can be achieved in different ways based on if these users who signed up for chiropractic care actually opted into a list or not. If not then there really shouldn't be a point for this list. Something you could implement is adding users to the same newsletter list but tagged with a custom profile property. They can then serve a flow to customers who joined this list (to be deemed as consented) but only have this custom profile property. If you decide to go a separate list or even a segment method for your third question, then you would need to backpopulate the new flow triggered by this. If you went with the list method, another option would be to simply create the flow triggered by this list, turn the flow live and then import contacts to it which would immediately stream those contacts through the flow with no backpopulation needed. At the end of the day, it depends on how you have set things up and how you want to set things up going forward.


Hope this helped!