How to allow customers to segment themselves?

  • 22 February 2022
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Scenario: You sell several different categories of products. It’s likely that someone who once opted in, only wants to receive specific emails about that particular category. By chance, the last 3 campaign emails they received do not include that specific product category.  Now your emails no longer feel relevant to them, so they stop opening your emails.


Question: Is it possible to send a re-sign-up form to the lists to allow people to segment themselves according to product interest?






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Hi @Benjamin M. L.,

Thank you for sharing this question with the community.

While it’s not possible to send a sign-up form embedded within an email (if that is what you were getting at :)), there are a couple of alternative options to achieve your goal.

First, you can always modify an existing sign-up form or create a net-new sign-up form to target specific groups of people in your account (lists or segments). This strategy involves using our  sign-up form builder to target users who navigate to your site. Specifically, you can navigate to the Signup Forms tab > Targeting & Behavior > Target visitors in a list or segment, to display this sign-up form exclusively to this group of users to update their product interests.


After you select the list(s) or segment(s) you’d like to target, you can configure the form’s various content blocks & input fields to collect their preferences. See our guide here for more details on these fields. These preferences will be reflected as custom properties, on the user’s profiles. From there, you can segment these users based on their product interest preference using the dimension “Properties about someone”. 

Alternatively, you can look into creating a manage preferences page or use update profile property buttons in an email to collect preferences from these users. You’ll find a more detailed breakdown of these alternative strategies in the post below:

Keep in mind the strategies in the above thread would involve targeting these users via email while the first strategy I outlined would simply require them to navigate to your website.

I hope that is helpful!