how to fix email Suppression

  • 14 September 2023
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A customer entered the wrong email when subscribing, all emails to him via Klaviyo bounced hard, he is now Suppression.

He contacted me and asked me to correct his email address, i did, but he is still suppressed 
how do I fix it so he can get email again?
thank you


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Hi lollygag, 


Good question. You should be able to delete the customer’s original Klaviyo profile. And then, he should be able to re-subscribe via your Klaviyo form or subscribe page.


Hope that helps!


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Hi @lollygag ,

Thank you for posting this question to the Community! 

If you are not super familiar with what a suppressed profile is and the ways in which someone can be automatically suppressed in Klaviyo, this Help Center article is a great place to start: Understanding suppressed email profiles 

In your case, you will need to Delete the Profile of the person you want to remove from the suppression list. This will remove their data from Klaviyo, and allow them to resubscribe themselves with the corrected email address. 

There are some other great threads here on the Community that speak more on this topic if you are interested in learning more:


Hope this helps!

--  Ashley Ismailovski 

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Thank you everyone for your help with this issue