How to manually send consent emails to manually added individuals?

  • 2 August 2022
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I have quick-added people to my List when they are leads through phone calls. How do I manually send them an email opt-in email?


Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 2 August 2022, 16:09

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5 replies

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Hi @MissionMed,


Thanks for sharing your question with us!


If your customer has not explicitly told you they want to be opted in to your company’s marketing emails, it’s against our TOS to email them. If your lead has verbally or confirmed via email conversation hat they want to be added to your mailing list then you can Quick Add them to your ‘Lead List’ and  connect this List to a Flow that will automatically send an email giving these leads a chance to opt into your Main List. 


While it’s not possible to insert a direct link to a sign up form in an email, you can use the direct link for the Subscribe Page for your Main List. To find this link navigate to your List > Subscribe and Preference Pages > Subscribe and copy/paste the url found on the right side of the screen where it says "Copy URL". 



It should be noted that if your Main List is Double Opt-in enabled, I would include that in the email so your leads turned subscribers don’t miss the second confirmation email.


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I have tried to follow this, but I am not finding the subscribe and preferences pages. This is what I am trying to add also. Can you clarify where I go to set this up? Had something changed in your system?

I want leads to confirm that I can send them marketing  in an email as  I have collected these leads over the phone.

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Hello @Healing The Hyperbaric Way,

Although there has been some recent UI changes and updates, the instructions provided by @Taylor Tarpley on how to get your list’s subscribe page URL is still valid. Once you get to your list’s Subscribe and Preference pages, you’ll just need to click on “edit” for the subscribe page. 

Some difference’s you’ll notice is that the subscribe page editor has been updated to being using our sign-up form and email builder. Additionally, instead of having the subscribe page URL callout to the right of the page, it’s now featured more prominently on the left-hand side of the editor.

I would also suggest taking a look at our How to use a subscribe page on your website Help Center article which reiterates these instructions on how to navigate to either your account default subscribe page or your list specific subscribe page. 


Hi @David To,

I too am trying to send a confirmation email to leads to get them to consent, but I don’t see any URL on the left side in the editor. I’ve tried to find in one of the three other tabs, with no luck.


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Hey @Jonas A 

The reason you aren’t seeing a place to add your subscribe URL is because you are using a signup form in Klaviyo instead of creating a subscription page for your website. The article David linked above will walk you through how to do it. If you would prefer to use the signup form on your site, you can follow the direction in the Help Center doc: Getting started with sign-up forms