How to segment with Shopify order tags?

  • 13 February 2021
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I am trying to create a segment of users who have a specific tag on their order. I am using the shopify app “Order Tagger” to tag my orders, and I would like to create segments with these tags. See below my attempt at creating this list.

When I create this sement, there is only one user in the list. I have hundred of users that have this specific tag. 

Here is is screen shot of a few of these users that have these tags.



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2 replies

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Maybe this is not added as tag on placed order but as shopify tag. If this tag is added only when people place order than you don’t need to specify placed order metric. Maybe look for this in the properties. 

Try “Properties about someone” - “Shopify Tag” - “Contains” - whatever you need the property to be..

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Hi @eferguson,

Thanks so much for sharing your question with the Community. And thank you @Bobi N. for your reply.

There are a few different types of Shopify tags utilized in Klaviyo which I understand can make things confusing. The Shopify tag you’d find using “properties about someone” would pertain to a specific user rather than the Shopify order tag, pertaining to the item. In this case you’re looking for the latter tag, the order tag.

There are a couple of ways order tags are added in the "Placed Order" Shopify event in Klaviyo. One way is through the Shopify app Recharge that does this via code. When a subscription recurs, Recharge uses Shopify’s orders API to create an order in a status of “paid” with tags “Subscription”. It would be worth verifying with Shopify if the “Order Tagger” is capable of also using Shopify’s orders API to tag the order and add tags in the same manner, otherwise it won’t be passed in consistently with the Shopify “Placed Order” event in Klaviyo. We will encounter issues if the tags are added after the orders are placed and, in this case, we would not pull in the order tags into the “Placed Order event” after the “Placed Order” event has already been passed to Klaviyo. It sounds like this may be what is occurring with the “Order Tagger” and hence why there are profiles in Klaviyo with no order tags in the “Placed Order” event.

As an alternative solution, if you were to subsequently fulfill the orders with the order tag present on the order, we will capture the order tag in the “Fulfilled Order” event. From there, you can segment on “Fulfilled Order” > where tags = X.

Let me know if you have any questions.