I have three lists that I want to merge, and assign two different flows to it.

  • 16 February 2023
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Hello! I’m quite new to Klaviyo and, since my previous provider had a different system, I made a mistake when setting up my lists.

I currently have:

  1. one list for new subscribers with a discount code
  2. one list for new subscribers without a discount code
  3. a regular, “main” Marketing list (where everyone would have been directed to before Klaviyo, once they went through their welcome series)

Having understood this to be “wrong,” I now wish to have just one single marketing list, but with two Welcome Series flows (one with a discount code, one without).

My questions are:

  1. How do I add the present Discount and Non-Discount Welcome Series flows to my main Marketing list (since they are currently in the other two separate lists I want to delete)
  2. How do I change the flows to point to my Marketing list instead of the current discount and non-discount lists I wish to delete?
  3. Is it safe to delete those lists I’ll no longer be using after redirecting all new subscribers to the main list?

I hope I’ve explained myself correctly, sorry if not! Brain is a little melty after this huge learning curve…

Any help appreciated. Thank you in advance for reading.


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Hey @Eleanor Shadow ,

Glad to hear it’s working out for you! Best of luck with your email marketing endeavors.


~ G

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Hi, @ebusiness pros Gabrielle!

I must admit I was a bit more on the er, brutish side in the sense that I simply added the new subs to my main list by copying their emails and deleted the other ones. I didn’t have much info to keep anyway, so that was the quickest way my melty brain could cope! 

I will keep your instructions for the future though, in case someone ends up subscribed to my “old” list by mistake!

So now everyone is in my main list, with a conditional split set up in my two Welcome Series flows: one states that people who subscribe via the discount code get the appropriate discount emails (and I’ve excluded those who subscribe via the non-discount). I have also reversed this order in my Non-Discount email flow, so that if people have the Discount ID are excluded.

I think I’m set, fingers crossed I haven’t messed up :)

Thanks ever so much for your help!

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Hey Eleanor!

Glad to hear you were able to figure out your list merging. 😊 Did you use the method I recommended, or do it another way?

It seems like you’re on the right track with your conditional split. Screenshots would be helpful if you’re willing - I can better understand what you built when I can see the exact conditions you specified.

~ Gabrielle 

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Hi. Thanks so much for getting back to me!

I’ve managed to get everyone into my main list yesterday :D 

I have two flows set up, and am planning to use the conditional split to separate the Discount and Non Discount subscribers. So far this is what I’ve done:

  1. I went to the Discount welcome series flow
  2. trigger is switched to “subscribes to Main List”
  3. activated a conditional split in Discount right below, where Unique ID equals *ID of first Discount welcome email” but doesn’t equal *ID of first Non-Discount welcome email”
  • did the same to the Non Discount welcome series flow, but reversed point 3. to Unique ID equals *ID of first Non Discount welcome emails” but doesn’t equal *ID of first Discount welcome email”

Did I do this right?

Also, I’m not 100% sure I’ve retrieved the correct form IDs - I see references to “navigate to the form editor” but don’t really know where that is, all I’m really doing is clicking on the first email of each Welcome Series and assuming the unique code before /content is the correct one...

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Hey Eleanor! Welcome to Klaviyo!


It’s totally understandable how you’d get confused when setting up lists for the first time! Many providers teach you to create multiple lists, but the beauty of Klaviyo is you can have one “master” list and multiple segments. It was a learning curve for me too. 


Bear with me, because this might feel like starting over, but it’ll help your lists function more smoothly from here on out! And that data foundation makes a big difference when you get it straightened out…


Here’s what I’d recommend you do first:

  1. Export both new subscriber lists as CSV files, title one something like “discount optin” and the other one something like “no discount optin”
    1b. When exporting, all you need to merge these lists is the Email field
    1c. Do not delete these lists in Klaviyo yet!
  2. Next you’re going to need to merge the 2 CSV files together - I like using Airtable for this, and I’ll attach a screenshot of the fields I end up having when merging fields… as well as a template CSV file you can work with!

Re 2: merging the lists

Step A: Create a new sheet in Airtable using the CSV file for one list and after that data is imported into Airtable, add 2 new columns. You’re going to create custom profile properties in your Klaviyo account by uploading them as part of this list merging CSV. 

One column titled “optin_funnel” - this will go into Klaviyo as a Text data type custom property. It’ll help you track one-time optin data points like “discount” or “no discount” - those will be the values of your property.

Second column titled “list_merging” - this will also be a Text data type custom property. It’ll help you create a filter on your Welcome Series flows as you build them. The value for this property will be Yes. You don’t want to use True/False here because that’ll change the data type to using stricter, Boolean logic.


Step B: Populate the custom profile properties for your first CSV

Let’s say the first one is the “discount” group - so you’ll give the “optin_funnel” property a value of “discount” for all rows, and the “list_merging” property a value of Yes for all rows.


IF you feel comfortable using Airtable and you can import the data of your second CSV into the sheet you’re already working with, awesome! If not, no worries. Just go ahead and create a second CSV sheet, and repeat Steps A + B.


When you’re done setting the values of each custom profile property on every row, export the CSV file(s).


Step C: Import the CSV(s) back into your “master” marketing list!

AFTER that’s done, you can delete the old discount/ no discount lists, and the profiles will stay in Klaviyo with no data lost.


This answers question 1 and 3. 😊


As for question 2:

You will need to clone your existing flows, and change the flow trigger so “subscribes to master list” is what starts it, rather than your discount/ no discount lists.

Then you can create flow filters that will grab people with the “discount” or “no discount” value on their profile, and that’ll make sure each group is isolated from the other in your 2 Welcome Series flows.


OR you could create one Welcome Series flow, and use a conditional split to create 2 “branches” and each branch will use the same custom profile property to separate people by “discount” or “no discount” and send them specific emails. 


To make it easy, you can save the emails you’ve already built as templates, and pop them into your new WS flow if you decide to take the route of one flow with two branches, using the conditional split.


I hope this helps! I’m happy to help clarify anything if you feel stuck or overwhelmed, and Klaviyo Live Chat Support is super helpful too!


Best of luck,