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  • 10 March 2022
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I have a csv to import into my Master List. 

Obviously, I would like the Import to account for duplicate records and ignore them. 


As an attempt to test and verify this process, I EXPORTED a short list of 4 known names, then reIMPORTED them back to my Master List to ensure that they WOULD all be skipped. 

Instead, the import said that it LOADED all 4 records and 0 were skipped. 

However, the total record number in the Master List remained unchanged…. and none of the records I reimported seem duplicated. 


So now i’m not sure what to think. What’s going to happen when I import my longer .csv list? How are duplicates actually managed on Import?


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3 replies

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Hi Matt, 


So, duplicates will show skipped in the import only if there’s duplicates within the file. 


If you’re importing a list that have emails already within Klaviyo, then those profiles will get updated with the import data (if there’s any changes). 


To be on the safe side, you can export your current list and then remove the duplicates in excel.  Here’s a help article with some more info:

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So, for the test that I tried - directly exporting 4 records, then re-importing them, wouldn’t they show as “skipped” since the data is 100% the same with no changes to those records?

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Hey @matt.steinruck, they wouldn’t show as skipped because they wouldn’t be duplicated within the file you imported. 


Here’s a quick example..


Scenario 1:

Import file



Outcome: Nothing.  Subscriber is already in Klaviyo.  If the import had another column, say First Name, and that was different than the First Name in Klaviyo then it would overwrite it. 


Scenario 2:

Import file 



Outcome: The second in the Import file will be skipped.