Importing a new list overrides the existing suppressed/unsubscribed profiles

  • 15 June 2023
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When I upload a new list to Klaviyo using a Shopify Customer csv file, there might be multiple profiles that already existing in Klaviyo. Some of those profiles may have unsubscribed from previous email campaigns. When I upload the new list the suppressed profiles on Klaviyo get affected and are shown as “subscribed” again.

How to I prevent this from happening and ensure that any profiles that have unsubscribed from email campaigns remain this way?


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Hello @Chevonne,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

Sounds like you may have imported your list with the Yes, update subscription status for all imported contacts to subscribed option selected. This option should only be used if you have explicit permission from everyone in your CSV file to send email marketing.

I would strongly advise identifying these members who unsubscribed and manually suppressing them again to respect their consent status. 

If you haven’t already, I would suggest taking a look at some of the following help center articles:

I hope this helps!



Hi David,


Thank you for the reply. 


Yes, the list of customers was exported from Shopify and sorted to only take the customers who had consented too or signed up for the email newsletter. The issue is that subsequently they have unsubscribed to emails but it seems this does not reflect in the Shopify data.


For example, the customer “Jane Smith” signed up to our newsletter and gave consent for emails in Jan, they subsequently unsubscribed in May after receiving a newsletter email sent through Klaviyo but in June when the list of customers is exported from Shopify “Jane Smith” is still showing as “subscribed”. As a result when the list is imported to Klaviyo Jane Smith is off the supression list. It seems very tedious to have to do this manually every time. 

Is there away around this or a setting I need to adjust between Shopify/Klaviyo?



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Hey @Chevonne,

Sounds like you don’t have the Sync data back to Shopify settings enabled in your Shopify integration settings. 

When this setting is enabled, as described in our Getting started with Shopify Help Center article, both email and SMS subscription status can be updated from Klaviyo to Shopify. This means if a user unsubscribes through a Klaviyo email, that unsubscribed/suppression status would reflected in Shopify as well. 

It may also be helpful to review our How to sync fields from Klaviyo to Shopify Help Center article to learn more on this process and various other resources we have on Shopify. 



Thanks David - this sounds like it might be the issue, will review the article.