Increase profile property with +1 when someon placed order.

  • 18 December 2023
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We want to use the amount of orders someone has placed in our email content. We can trigger based on for example ‘someone has placed order three times’ but we cannot get add a personalisation where we can get the property ‘order count’ or something like that. So I was thinking of implementing this as a custom property ourselves. I imported the order count from a Magento csv into Klaviyo and I wanted to utilize the ‘profile property update’ option in a flow so that once a placed_order event has been triggered, the ‘order_count’ property is increased by 1. But now I’m stuck as I can update the property to a specific number but I can’t find out how to make it take the previous value and just add +1. Is it possible to do an increase of just +1?


2 replies

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This won’t work because this is not actually adding to the previous number but simply updating the previous property to new one which will be +1 exactly (not the previous number+1)

What I would suggest you do to be able to get the exact numbers will take a bit more work. You need a backend flows. 

Create the first flow trigger placed order filter placed order equals 1 and then add property Order count 1

Then clone the flow above and change the filter placed order equals 2 and update order count 2

Then clone the second flow and just change filter to equals 3 and order count update to 3..

So as you can see you will have multiple flows depending on how many order u usually expect to have from people… I would suggest setting up first 10 (it will take you maybe 20 mins to set up those) and then you will see as soon as someone is starting to get 8.. 9th order.. you should probably add few more flows


Hi Bobi,
Thanks for your quick reply. As we have customers who’ve over 100 orders, this might not be the most sustainable solution as it would require a lot of flows. I keep this in mind though, maybe we can achieve what we need with brackets (between 10-20 orders, 20-30 orders) or something like that to limit the amount of flows and still being able to use it for our use case. Alternatively we can look at getting our order count from magento into klaviyo via upload or api.