Integrate Google Ads Lead form with Klaviyo list

  • 21 September 2022
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Hi, I’ve noticed there is a recent integration possible between Google Ads and Klaviyo. Mainly meant for using Audiences. 

The other way around, I would like to use a Google Lead form (Ad) to generate leads that wil automatically sync with a Klaviyo list, followed by a Flow to deliver the email(s).

(Same set-up as available with Meta/ Facebook lead forms)

  1. Can this be done without 3rd parties like Zapier?
  2. Is this on the Klaviyo Road Map? 
  3. When will this be available?

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Hi @wouter,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

That is a great suggestion - we’re always looking to improve our integration capabilities. Since syncing users via Google Ads to a Klaviyo list still cannot be done without an intermediary (like Zapier), that remains the best option to achieve your goal. You can find other integration use-cases for Google Ads here.

I will submit a feature request for this on your behalf. If this particular request garners enough interest, the team will look into building it out in the future. Therefore, we cannot say with certainty when it will be built out, but we’ll certainly look into it further if the interest is there.

Thanks for being a community member.

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Hi @Dov , I don’t know where the feature request is, but I am voting for it as well! This would be such a neat feature that will allow advertisers to capture and process leads immediately. Would love to see it with the next Klaviyo update!

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Where can we vote on feature request @Dov  ?

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If want to sync my segments to Google Ads, does zapier is a must?

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Thanks for your feedback on this feature request! I will make sure to relay this to our product team. 

Today, our Google Ads integration allows you to do two things:

  • Connect a Klaviyo list or segment to a Google Audience.
  • Sync profiles from Klaviyo to Google.

It sounds like you are looking to sync your segments to Google Ads which our integration DOES allow. Check out our help article on how get started with the Google Ads integration. 


The original poster was looking to sync leads from Google Ads back to a list in Klaviyo which the integration does not permit today. If this is something you want to explore, you can check out Zapier’s resource: