Is it possible to have two separate Klaviyo customer profiles that use the same email address?

  • 2 November 2021
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My company has a CRM in which we create a customer account for each individual person. However, some customers (e.g. a husband and wife) share the same email address. As a result, the CRM integration with Klaviyo currently overwrites the Klaviyo profile with whichever customer is getting updated.


Furthermore, if we trigger an email, the current name on the profile is used in the personalized email message. For example, if the most recent Klaviyo profile update puts the husband’s name on the profile, but the wife subsequently books an appointment, an email is sent to their shared email address with the husband’s name and the wife’s appointment details.


Is it possible to have two profiles with different IDs but the same email?


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Hey there @mreall,

Thanks for posting to the Community and I hope to provide some info regarding this.

So unfortunately, the way profiles and emails are sent in Klaviyo in respect to profile data and how its stored limits the ability for multiple first names to be used. There is not currently a function that could distinguish multiple first names within one email profile. Since each profile has one name value associated with it, the templates would just use whatever name is stored at the time. Unless you had a way for the profile to recognize it is a different user and switch automatically on the backend with a stored second name, there isn’t a way to do this.

However, I can definitely put in a product request for you so that our dev team knows that this idea could be of interest to people in the Community!


Have a good day,


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Alex, thanks for your response and sharing this with your product team.

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No problem! Glad I could get your input and new idea across to the team!