Is it possible to segment by date where the date is NOT in the next 5 days?

  • 21 November 2023
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I’ve built 2 different segments to trigger 2 different flows. They are very similar but one just triggers when a person becomes a customer and the other is the same but has different content based on whether they are within 5 days of their start date. 

So I need to exclude customers in the first flow whose start date is in the next 5 days. I see that you can segment by date  i.e. in the last five days and  in the next five days but you can’t do the negative version i.e. is NOT in the next five days. See below

What I need is regular_days_start_date is NOT in the next 5 days.

Is this condition not available?







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Hey @BROC 

Thank you so much for asking this really great question! Date-based logic for segments can be pretty tricky.

Unfortunately, we do not have a way to exclude by this specific definition. I looped in another colleague and the only workaround we see is targeting a specific timeframe using "between dates"
The downside to this is you would need it to continuously update, so we don't believe this is going to work in your specific case.
 I understand this is disappointing, but  I would be more than happy to submit a Product Feedback proposal to our team!

Thank you for being part of the community!

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Hi Stephen

Thanks for the workaround - I was thinking about that one but as you say it’s quite labour-intensive.

That’d would be great to submit the suggestion to your team.

Thanks for your response.



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Hi @BROC Just chipping in here.

If I understand correctly, a customer purchases an item (course or service?) that has a start date which you captured as a date custom property. If their start date is within the next 5 days they get a sequence of emails. If their start date is more than 5 days away, they get a different sequence of emails.

If that’s correct, and the flow trigger is the same for each customer (purchased the item) then you could have just one flow with a conditional split ‘regular_days_start_date’ = ‘is in the next 5 days’. That will branch to the appropriate set of emails for each customer.

Or have I missed something fundamental about what you’re trying to achieve?