Is there a way to force the ip address when adding a new profile?

  • 21 October 2021
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Right now, we’re adding new profiles to a list from our backend.

However, these profiles location are set using the ip address of the requester (so the server ip address in this case)

It seems like it’s possible to set the location but not to force the ip address?

Cool to have the flexibility, but if you don’t know the location, you’re going to use the ip address anyway - as imperfect as it is - and in that case, it forces all server-side api clients to re-implement ip geo-location.

In case that helps: we’re using node-klaviyo


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Hi there @willo,

Welcome to the Community and thanks for posting your question here! We appreciate all opportunities to share info as well as learn from each other.

To get a general understanding for others, Klaviyo is able to identify and automatically set a profile's location by using the geo-IP location when a contact is identified/cookied. For example when a contact fills out a signup form, clicks on a Klaviyo email, etc. In addition, if someone has made a purchase, the billing address shared as part of the Placed Order event will be used as the verified source for a contact's location.

Unfortunately, there isn't a way to manually set a contact's location using geo-IP location. For now, you could actually manually set a contact's location using a .CSV import. I will gladly put this in as a product request so that our team has eyes on this as an idea for an upcoming potential feature! It seems like a great idea and I can see how it might be very beneficial to have one. 

Here are also two great community posts that also go into how Klaviyo and geo-IP location works!

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Location seems to be blank for most profiles. It does not appear to be backfilling from IP. Is there a setting that needs to be turned on for that to work? How do we ensure this works?

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@a332 ,

This is an article on how we use customer's IP addresses:

IP Geolocation is used to set a profiles location within Klaviyo. The IP geolocation is utilized when a billing address or location details have not been explicitly provided. From here Klaviyo will try to capture the location of the profile to tag a location for reference within the account and for segmentation purposes.  
There is no setting that needs to be turned on.


That was the article I read prior to trying to seek out an answer. we’re not seeing locations come through consistently for back-in-stock signups. This is the reason that I asked the question here.

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Hey @a332,

Great question!

Users who are not cookied who signup via back in stock with the Klaviyo back in stock function will not actually have a cookied applied - hence the lack of location being tracked for those users. 

Instead you can either custom code some javascript to cookie/identify users after they’ve signed up for back in stock or setup back in stock via API. This would be different from our native installation methods since the API method is  server-side as opposed to via javascript.