List Growth for Small Businesses

  • 12 April 2022
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I would love to have a conversation around great ideas you have found for growing (quality!) lists for small businesses (in addition to using Klaviyo pop-ups).


Let’s hear it!

3 replies

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Hi @chelsgrove,

Thanks for getting the discussion started! I’d love to chime in a bit here on this topic!

I’ve seen users report success come from following some guidance on this video we have on creating high-preforming signup forms and checking out this guide on how to create different types of forms for your site: How to Create and Manage Signup Forms. Our Academy course, Creating an Effective Acquisition Strategy Using Forms, will show you guiding principles and best practices to create a great signup form strategy.


I believe that it is generally good to find ways to clean your list sooner, rather than later. By beginning your journey with careful curation and moderation of people that go into your lists, it helps out longevity in whatever sector you may be in. That being said, list cleaning is always something I recommend to everyone in the Community. 

Looking forward to hearing other Community members chime in!


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This is great @alex.hong! Definitely useful to others in the Klaviyo Community and a nice reference. For myself specifically, I was looking for some creative and unique ways that others may have done increased their list size, whether it’s a giveaway, ad campaign, etc. Hope to hear some fun ideas!


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Hey @chelsgrove, was searching for this very topic and saw your thread as I’m working with a client who's really just starting out and isn’t in the position to run paid ads or paid traffic to her site (which is how I grew my own list very quickly) and was asking for some ideas. Have you had any nuggets of wisdom since you started this thread?

Some ideas I’ve come across…

  • Putting your sale/outlet section on your website behind a sign up form to get sign ups in order to access the collection
  • QR codes on leaflets and poster at in-person events and markets
  • Scratch cards with offers to hand out at events, where they need to sign up for email to redeem the offer
  • Value blog posts and articles with sign up forms inside them
  • Pinterest organic pins with digital download in return for email address

Would love any other ideas if you have some! X