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  • 16 April 2021
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Am desperately seeking help please!

We have two Shopify stores. one for customers in N America (US) and one for all others (UK).  We have a Klaviyo instance attached to each Shopify store.  

We synced the profiles from our legacy Mailchimp instance to both Klaviyo instances.

The primary list is now associated with the UK store.  But what I want to do it to make sure that any contacts that are positively identified as US or Canada-based are activated in the US list and all others in the UK list.

I have even created an xls with all the 30,000 odd profiles on it to help me identify which profiles should be on which list.

If anyone can help me get this tidied up I would be hugely grateful.

Thank you.




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Hi @mikelondon,


It is a bit challenging if the contacts were not separated by region in MailChimp. When trying to identify the audiences that should be on region specific opted in mailing lists I’d recommend the following:

  • Identify customers based on the stores they purchased from (you can do do this through querying your ecommerce store database or creating segments within each region specific Klaviyo account of anyone who has placed an order).
  • Identify customers based on their recorded location
  • Identify customers based on any other properties that you may have collected that could help with location identification (opt-in source or language).

Once you’ve identified the correct contacts and imported them into the appropriate mailing lists, you can then create a segment of everyone that is not on the list and suppress those users so that you are not charged for them.


I hope this helps!


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Dear Julie

Thank you for your suggestions.  That’s very helpful.  

Please may I ask you: can I export, tag and reimport existing profiles?  If I can, that would help a lot.  Also, as well as the imported MC profiles located as Ashburn and Boardman, I am seeing a lot tagged as Las Vegas.  Do you happen to know if this is another default MC location attribution?

Thanks so much.


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Hey @mikelondon

You can certainly export, tag, and the re-import these existing profiles back into your Klaviyo account. Doing so would update these existing profiles with any new information that was applied as part of the most recent import such as any new tags you may have added to these profiles. This is elaborated further in the Guide to Properties article. Doing so would allow you to utilize the strategies called out by @julie.accardo.


Furthermore, when profiles are synced from MailChimp to Klaviyo, these profiles may have a variety of default locations such as Ashburn, Boardman, and Las Vegas as that would be the locations of the MailChimp servers that is sending and syncing these profiles with Klaviyo. In a sense they are default locations from MailChimp that would be updated automatically by Klaviyo’s GeoIP Location once they have made contact with either your emails or your website. 



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Dear David

Thank you so much for the advice.  May I ask please: are there any downsides to exporting, tagging, reimporting or any gotchas that I should be aware of before I start out?

Thank you so much.