Mailchimp email list and Klaviyo Integration issue

  • 29 June 2021
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I have finally got my flow set up that I currently use in mailchimp so I am trying to get my email list moved over to klaviyo so that I can turn on all my flows and stop using mailchimp. 

My klaviyo is showing 1300 email when I go to my account section, but 1300 emails are not showing up in my lists. 


So I followed the video and put in the specific list ID from mail chimp that I wanted to integrate over into my lists, and I have done it 2-3 times now and absolutely nothing shows up

What am I doing wrong?



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Hi there!


Thanks for posting your question into the Community! I hope to offer some insight into your questions!


My first question to clarify what might be the issue on your account is if you have integrated with MailChimp? If not, please follow that guide to get started! If you have, the next step in troubleshooting your problem is updating your MailChimp settings after adding different list ids from MailChimp on the integration menu can be a possible fix as well.


Checking off the last box is important for trying to import specific lists, and you will want to be sure that the audience IDs are correct. The mailchimp audience id can be found at the bottom of the audience tab.

After the first day of establishing an integration, Mailchimp data syncs to Klaviyo as follows:

  • Existing lists sync every 30 minutes
  • Existing campaigns sync every hour
  • Every 6 hours Klaviyo checks for new lists and/or campaigns.  Once a  new list or campaign is identified, they will sync every 30 minutes or 1 hour, respectively. 

To address your question about the 1300 profiles. Not all profiles in your account are list subscribers. However, if you are already integrated with Mailchimp, these users will be a part of your active profile count but may not be a part of a specific list. this is because active profiles can come from behavior taken in your store that isn’t directly signing up. This article goes over Understanding Who is in Your Account for more information. If not, these profiles will not yet be a part of this count with reasons highlighted in the previous article link!


If there are still issues after following previous troubleshooting points, there is also the option to  import the Mailchimp list into Klaviyo via a .csv file into the existing list. Steps can be found in our article here!

After all this, I would double check with our guide to Migrate from MailChimp if there are some possible steps that were missed.


Hope this could help clarify some possible issues! 







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Hey Kristen! 


I’m sorry you’ve been having trouble getting those numbers to match. Does your list in Mailchimp say it has 1300 members, or are you only seeing that number in Klaviyo? 


It’s possible some of those additional active profiles came from a different integration (e.g., Shopify), and may not necessarily be list subscribers. If that’s the case, they’re still eligible for Abandoned Cart flows and certain other messages! Here’s more information about the difference between a list subscriber and an active profile: 


I hope this helps! 




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I have re-looked at all the resources provided. I have double checked my API key, my list ID and it doesn’t matter what I do or how many times I go through the process it does not seem to bring that list over to klaviyo. 


I am not sure what else to do?