Manage preferences page is different to the one in my newsletter

  • 22 August 2023
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I’ve got a few checkboxes in my preferences and subscribe pages. 

However when I receive an email and click the link %manage_preferences% it goes to  default one that doesn't have the updated information.

Is this the wrong manage preference link? How could I check?




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3 replies

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Ahh fantastic, thanks a lot guys! Had no idea the default pages was in the ‘settings - other’ so that’s really useful!

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Hey @michaeljja,

In addition to the suggestion @Mail-Marketing made, the method and recipients you’re sending your emails to will also dictate which manage preference page gets pulled from that link. 

I previously mentioned this in the Community post I’ve shared below:

If the email is being sent either through a metric or segment triggered flow, through a campaign with multiple recipient groups (lists and/or segments), or to a segment, users will be taken to your account default’s consent pages. This includes the account default manage preference page. 

On the other hand, if your email was sent through a list triggered flow or a campaign sent to a a singular specific list, they’ll be taken to your list specific consent pages. 

You can learn more about this from our Getting started with consent pages Help Center article. 


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Check in the corresponding list. Maybe you do not use default pages for that list so you are seeing the wrong data.