Metric Properties Do Not Show in Segment List

  • 8 December 2023
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I created two new properties and generated two “Ordered Product” and one “Placed Order” action.  These show up in the metrics and activity feed, and my new categories show in the JSON strings just fine.

When I try to create a segment based on properties, those two new properties do not show / are not valid.

How do I activate them as valid properties?


Best answer by rlscsi 11 December 2023, 17:51

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2 replies

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Hey @rlscsi 

Quick question for you, was this event data added to a profile? Only properties that are already on a profile will show up for segment conditions.

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I believe the problem I’m having lies in the JSON structure of my output, but I’m having trouble finding a good clear definition of the Placed Order metric involving multiple items.    I know I’m very close to solving this, but the lack of that one example is chafing me.

Not to mention, I write using ColdFusion and there are no examples in the Klaviyo world on that, which makes it doubly difficult.  The HTML/HTTP examples are the closest for me.