Moving clients from one segment to another

  • 21 June 2021
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How do I move clients from one segment to another. ie if a client in ‘Best Customer’ segment and then subscribes and becomes a ‘subscription’ client, do I just kill it in the original segment. ie “Best customrer”. It seems to go in to subscription automatically but other segments i will have to move.


Also I don’t want to lose all their past sales history just because they have gone into a new segment because they are on subscription. 


Thankyou. I am definitely losing sales because of this problem. 


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Hi Liz!


Not sure I quite understand how it’s working in the way you have it set up.  Would you be able to send a screenshot. 


If it’s a segment, your subscriber is always there on the master list and as long as they are in Klaviyo you won’t lose any data if the subscriber shows up in a different segment. 


I’m thinking it could be as easy as adding another condition to your “Best Customer” segment to exclude the criteria that puts them in the subscription segment (or update a profile property when qualify for subscription and then use that an exclusion). 


Let me know if you need further info on how to do that (and if so send screenshots of how your segments are set up :))

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Thank you so much,

Perhaps I have completely misunderstood what Klaviyo is !!!!!

I  have used the Best Customer segment to sell to in a precise way  -  by targetted emails followed up by targetted phone calls.  It is not a very big company so I had time to do this. I wanted my best customers to become subscribers to my site. And in fact I have achieved this bar a few who for various reasons don’t want to go on to subscription. They will stay in the ‘Best Customer’ segment.  

But at the moment some people are in subscription and best customer segment. That means i could send them an email which is not relevant or even worse ring hem up. So shall i just kill all the people in the best customer segment who have now gone in to the subscribed segment? 


I I am sorry I didn’t understand how to do what you suggested above. and how do I send you a screen sho?

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I looked up and tried to screen shot on a mac but failed,,,,,but i did look at the definitinon of the segment ‘Best Customer and it was

‘placed order greater than 5 over all time’

‘person who is not suppressed to send. 

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Hey LIz, appreciate providing further information. 


Here’s an article from Apple’s site on how to take a screenshot:


I think we’re using the term “subscription” in two different ways here and that’s causing some confusion. 


Are you using term to describe someone who has subscribed to your email list? 


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No I had set up a segment called subscription…..thankou so much.  I did get someone to help me change the properties and it was fiddly even for them (computer geek)…..but done now. Thankyou so much.