Multiple surveys over multiple emails?

  • 5 August 2022
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Hey all! Newbie here 😉


So - I’ve read other threads here regarding setting up a survey that links back to your manage preferences page (and subscribe form...).

I don’t want to use Typeform which I see being suggested. 

My goal is to send out a series of campaigns, or even monthly campaigns, asking my subs to choose certain things - aka a survey. 

I would like whatever they click on to be added to their profile as a custom property.

Not sure how to do this best? How do people run surveys natively in their campaigns and then have the property added automatically?

Would I maybe set up embedded sign up forms on specific pages that I create for each survey (pages in shopify) and then have those fields link to the properties?

Does that make any sense at all??🤔

Or am I way over complicating it and there’s a better way?

OR is my brain totally fried at this point from an entire week of setting up my new Klaviyo account and reading tons of technical articles...😝

Thanks in advance for ANY and all help!!!



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Hi @Rachel Flam,

Welcome to the Community and hope you have a good experience working with the Klaviyo product so far.


In Klaviyo, you have two in-app options for surveys you can provide to your customers. One is where you have the option of inserting a link that customers can click on to leave a review on your site or you can implement a ranking links/NPS survey where the customer can rank how satisfied they are with the product. 
You also have the option to utilize a 3rd party product review app such as and Yotpo as they may have more in-depth product review strategies/surveys that can be utilized. 
I have provided screenshots of both in-app options below as well as included an article that provides instructions on how to set up both options: Creating a Product Review Flow
Link that directs the customer to your site to leave a review:
Rating Links
I see that you are wanting to send out a campaign that allows profiles to select a specific button, which will update a specific profile property based upon the button the profile chooses. Per our guide here, you need to fill in the details of the URL info you have already populated.
Our default syntax: {% update_property_link 'profile_property' 'property_value' 'redirect_link' %}. In this case you simply need to populate the data within the syntax to reflect:

  • 'profile_property': the profile property that you'd like to update or create; for example, last_purchase_date
  • 'property_value': the value that the particular button corresponds to; for example, 0_to_6_months
  • 'redirect_link': the URL that you want them to redirect them to after they click the button; example,

Once the above information has been populated within the URL fields, this should allow the profile property to be updated when the customer selects a button .


Hope that helped,