My 'Winback' Segment Isn't Populating Correctly

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I’ve today set up a ‘winback’ segment, but the list it is creating isn’t accurate:



It is creating a list of 6000 profiles, in which when I select the top profile from that list, it shows as that user actively receiving, opening and clicking the email in the past 24 hours:



Any idea on what I’m doing wrong? 

Many thanks


Best answer by David To 19 May 2023, 22:45

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Thank you for your response, I have seemed to have refined the segment better now in which the results are more accurate. 


Many thanks

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Hey @Stefan_TheFIbreCo.,

Thanks for sharing those screenshots!

Looks like you may have come across the common mistake of using an OR condition in place of an AND condition. I suspect that profile was caught by your segment because it has not triggered either the MailChimp Opened Email or MailChimp Clicked Email event/metric. 

Our AND vs. OR reference Help Center article actually has a great explanation of this common mistake. Essentially, since your rule reads “(Klaviyo) Clicked Email zero times in the last 180 days OR MailChimp Clicked email zero times in the last 180 days” the user would only need to qualify for one of these conditions to be considered.

From your screenshot, although they did not fit the condition of having (Klaviyo) Clicked Email zero times, they still met that part of the condition by not having triggered by MailChimp Clicked Email events. 

I hope this helps!