New collections not showing up in segment

  • 14 October 2021
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We have a 2022 collection launch today and I am wanting to create both a new segment for those who order our 2022 products, AND have a specified abandoned cart/ post purchase flow for those ordering these products. SO my thoughts were to create a new collection and add the relevant products, both in Klaviyo and Shopify. And the collection shows under catalogs in Klaviyo and products in Shopify. So my collection is ready and okay.

However, when trying to segment based on ordering products where collections equals …. my newly created collection doesn't show up? So I can't segment.. 


Is there something I need to do? I created the collection early this morning so it has been many hours since it was created if that matters..


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Hi @odan thanks for reaching out to the Community today!

It’s possible that the collection is not showing up in Klaviyo if no one has yet placed an order with an item listed in that collection since you created it.

Creating the collection in Klaviyo is great because you’ll be able to highlight it using product blocks. When segmenting however, the collections filter pulls from metric data (i.e., placed order) from Shopify. 

To test your segment quickly, you can create a test order in your Shopify account with items from that collection. When you see your order come through in Klaviyo (you can check in Analytics > metrics > placed order > activity feed), you can click your order’s timestamp to see the metric details and ensure that the collection name is included. Then you should be able to use it in segmentation.

I hope this helps!