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I’m trying to create a ‘non subscribed’ segment but omitting those who have received an abandoned basket email in the last 10 days OR are about to received an abandoned basket email.

What parameters should I be using?


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Hi @lorenmn, you could try this:

  • Person Is Not in List YOUR-MAIN-LIST AND
  • Has Checkout Started at least once in the last 10 days AND 
  • Has Placed Order zero times in the last 10 Days

The first line looks for anyone that’s not Subscribed to your main List - assuming most of your subscribers belong to a single Main List.  That means, if you’re not in the List, you are “non subscribed.”

The second and third line just removes anyone who has Started a Checkout in the Last 10 Days and didn’t place an order.  Those are the people who have either received your Cart Abandonment Email or about to since they haven’t made a purchase yet.  

Hope that helps!

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Great. That helped. Plus I’d messed up my parameters. I have 2 lists but had it set as ‘OR’ instead of ‘AND’. Doh!