Not ALL "Placed Order" Profiles from Shopify are Appearing in Klaviyo?

  • 28 October 2023
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Trying to figure out why a bunch of profiles are missing in klaviyo (integration with shopify). 

Example: I pick a day & look at the total order count in shopify, then look at the same day in klaviyo (analytics, metrics→ placed order and the count is the same. (as expected...say 50 Orders in both)

Then I make a segment in klaviyo….> Placed Order, at least once, between dates and put the same day 09/22/2023 to 09/22/2023 (I've tried with a range of days as well). ie 09/22/2023 > 09/23/2023 (or wider range) and “create” the segment and the profiles that appear in the segment are a SMALL fraction of the overall placed order for the day or range (not like 10% off, like 85% off).

All orders are actual orders, real paying customers, email entry must be made before ordering (ie 100% of our customers have profiles with email that would get sent to klaviyo.

On the check out, we don’t have an opt in for email marketing, but I notice in the orders some have opted in to email marketing and some have not, HOWEVER, if I removed all “opt outs” from the order counts...the number of profiles in klaviyo is still significantly smaller. (I didn’t think Opt in had anything to do with whether or not a profile is in klaviyo...relative to an “order placed”) 

Wondering if we’ve got some setting or tag or otherwise that would prevent so many profiles from appearing in klaviyo.  The ideas was to send customers an order update (clearing backorder), but getting a ton of email from customers saying they never got an update-and realized the delta. 




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Hey @rotax 

Thanks for reaching out for help with your “placed order” segment.

Quick question, do you have any other conditions for this segment besides the “placed order” metric with the date range? Have you done a placed order test with a test profile to see if it was added correctly? Also can you share an example of a profile that should be in the segment but isn’t being included? Please be sure to redact any personal info to protect your customers privacy. Just need a little more info to try to figure out what is going on, as you’ve already tested their consent status.