Pausing new leads from flow

  • 27 March 2024
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I want to stop any new leads from being added into our account. Only the status updates of old leads should go through. So, ideally disconnecting Klaviyo to our datawarehouse should stop new leads, but that will stop the updates to old leads as well.

So how do I handle this situation?




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Hey @Whipflip, best approach to pause new leads in Klaviyo while allowing old lead updates would be by: 

  1. Create a segment excluding new leads (e.g., by creation date).
  2. Apply this segment as a filter to your Klaviyo workflows.
  3. Keep data warehouse connection active (updates for existing leads flow through).

This method leverages Klaviyo's features without modifying the data warehouse integration. Test workflows and monitor data after implementation.

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Hello @Whipflip 

Welcome to the Community!

To better assist you, could you provide a screenshot of your current trigger setup and a screenshot of the definition of the segment or list you're using for the flow?

A visual reference of your setup, could help to provide further guidance. 

However, one approach you can consider is incorporating a profile filter into your flow. This filter can exclude individuals from entering the flow based on criteria such as their activity status within the specified segment or list. You can find more detailed information about trigger filters here

Thank you once again for reaching out with your question. I hope this response clears things up for you.


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Hey @Whipflip 

I do love the solution of creating a segment of your new leads because you can then also exclude this segment in your campaigns and flows. This way, only the existing leads will receive the emails and their status updates will go through.

Do send a screenshot of your current trigger setup so our Champion and Partner can better assist you if needed. There is nothing like getting expert help from our community!

We hope this helped you and we are always here for any other questions you may have.