Profiles marked "Email Never Subscribed" even though Subscribed events appear

  • 10 October 2023
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I am looking at profiles in our newsletter list, and many of them say “Email ! Never Subscribed” even though I can see in the events section at the right that they have subscribed and even received and opened emails. Have I set up a sign-up form incorrectly?


3 replies

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Hey @Justine 

Welcome to the community! Happy to help you figure this out.

Can you share how you set up your signup form? In the image above is shows the profile has consented to SMS but not email. Seeing the signup form settings would be helpful in figuring out why they signed up for SMS but not email.

Will be on the lookout for your response.


Here are the settings for the button click action. Am I supposed to add a Profile Property under “Submit Hidden Fields” for Email or $consent? Thanks!




The sign-up form has two fields: 1) email address (required) and 2) phone number (optional). So the sign-up form is primarily an email newsletter signup with the option to sign up for sms. Does that make sense? Am I missing a Profile Property (or more) in the Submit Hidden Fields section?


Thanks so much!