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Hello! I’m new to Klaviyo. Just looking at my account and I have 130 “profiles” but only 15 of those profiles are in my “lists”. 

As far as I can see, no one has unsubscribed as I am yet to send out a newsletter. 

Can anyone tell me if those 130 in the profiles can be brought in to a list, to then send a newsletter?

I’ve tried searching for the answer but without any luck. Any help is appreciated! Thank you


Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 19 May 2023, 02:57

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Hi @dan_tuite


Welcome to the Community and to Klaviyo, so happy you’re here with us! 


Active profiles are the general number of users in your account, that aren’t suppressed. Any profile that can be emailed through Klaviyo is considered an active email profile. There are 2 main categories of active profiles: 

  • Subscribers who have filled out a signup form or otherwise explicitly consented to receive email marketing (who would be in one of your Lists)
  • Profiles added by general engagement (would have not specifically opted into marketing from you and therefore isn’t in one of your Lists)


If you’re wondering how a profile can be added to your account without explicit consent, it is possible for someone to share their email with you without explicitly consenting to ongoing email marketing. For example, someone who placed an order or abandoned a checkout on your site may have added their email address during the checkout process, but never explicitly opted in. I’d check out this helpful documentation on Understanding active email profiles in Klaviyo. These additional Community threads are helpful to gain more insight on the topic.


I would not bring over those 130 active profiles as it isn’t considered best practice to send marketing messages to users who haven’t explicitly opted in. Those who are in your Lists have opted in and should be the receipts of your campaign sends. 


Additionally, as your a very new business, here are some more resources to get you started with a strong foundation! Make sure to join a user group based on your industry , learn from our experts in the industry, and check out  our Academy courses and live trainings as well!  


Thanks for participating in the Community!


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Thank you Taylor, that is very helpful. 


Looking into it more I also found that I had a double opt in set up, but the email for confirming the subscription was still the template. This could have been causing it to go to junk mail for some people and therefore kept them in the profiles tab without joining the newsletter list. 


I have no updated the opt in email template which would encourage people to confirm their subscription rather than ignore it. 


I will look into the user groups and courses available. Thank you