REALLY struggling with list clean-up

  • 24 October 2023
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Our active list is currently around 19,000 however a good number of those are from Shopify users who got a cart abandonment email or whatever. 

I currently have a segment for people who “Can Receive Email Marketing” because they “never subscribed.” That totals over 11,000 people and I'm currently not emailing them but I am currently paying for them. However if I dig into the individual profiles in Shopify, most have agreed to receive email marketing. I believe in the cart in Shopify but not from our Klaviyo pop-up. 

My current plan is to just do a 2-3 email sunset campaign for this group with a nice discount in each and suppress anyone who doesn’t open any of the emails. 

I’d love opinions on if that is too risky or if you have other ideas. I hate the idea of cutting off thousands of people who said they wanted to hear more in the cart but not through the pop-up but I don’t want to encounter deliverability issues from people saying we’re spamming them. 

3 replies

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Hi @itsmejoshquinn welcome to the community!


I’m glad you’re being thoughtful about marketing consent, and how best to consider who should be suppressed or not. 


First, let’s start here: you say you have “thousands of people who said they wanted to hear more in the cart but not through the pop-up but I don’t want to encounter deliverability issues from people saying we’re spamming them.”


This means these people consented to receive your marketing emails! I bet if you did a quick check by building a segment to evaluate IF “properties about someone” > “accepts marketing” > “is Yes” or “is yes” (depending on how the property’s value is formatted in your Klaviyo account) - those same people will be pulled into that segment. 


So how to bring these people into your marketing?

Really, these people should be merged into your master/ newsletter list, since they did express interest in your marketing emails! Or you can simply include that segment in your recipients when sending campaign emails to your list as usual.


Cleaning the list for optimal deliverability:

One thing you might find helpful is this tool called Emailable. I’ve recommended it here before in several threads around email deliverability and list cleaning. That will help you identify any “undeliverable” emails that should be suppressed immediately. Then you can play around with sending emails to warm up this segment and see how people respond! This is a standard part of the list reactivation and list cleaning process my agency takes our clients through. 


BEFORE sending any emails to these ≈ 11k people. I’d recommend you also evaluate who in this group has never opened an email from you. Those people might need to be entered into a clone of your Welcome Series flow, so you can re-introduce them to your brand. You could also send them a simple “hey remember us” sunset-style campaign and see who engages with that instead of cloning your WS flow. 


Happy to answer any follow up questions you have!





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I currently have a segment set up for people who “can receive email marketing” because person “never subscribed.” This brings up the 11,000 folks. However if I add the condition of “placed order” or “checkout started.” That takes the list down to 3847. My conclusion from this is that 7153 or so people are there from browse abandonment flows or similar and then the remainder of the 11,000 (3847) are there because they made it to the cart and clicked the marketing box. But maybe we don’t have our integration set up properly. If I look at the profiles of the 3847 in Shopify they all say they accept marketing. 

Is there a warm-up campaign you would / could do for the ones that didn’t select that option in Shopify or should I just suppress them immediately? Still not 100% sure if I am comfortable moving the 3847 over to the main newsletter but I think I am. But I for sure need to figure out whether to try and activate or suppress the larger number and then figure out a game-plan moving forward as it’s clearly always going to be an issue. 

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@itsmejoshquinn you might find this quick overview of how to troubleshoot/ refine your Shopify integration from @bluesnapper helpful 


That can help you get started there.


Meantime, here’s how I would personally evaluate these people…


1; build this segment to ID opted in people who are most likely to engage with your emails

IF they have “accepts marketing = yes” on their profile, AND they have “Placed Order at least once over all time” OR “Started Checkout at least once over all time” THEN merge them into your master/ newsletter list.


IMPORTANT: you want to make sure the act of merging these profiles into your list does not trigger the Welcome Series flow for these people, since it’s not actually appropriate for them to receive right now. That would potentially alarm them and cause a feeling of “wait is this spam?” when they see the “welcome” email. 


How I address this is I add a new column titled list_merging to the CSV of profiles I’m planning to merge with the master list. This new column enables you to create a custom property called list_merging (Text data type) and specify the value as Yes for all rows in that CSV.


BEFORE IMPORT create the list_merging property on one of your test profiles, THEN add a flow filter to your Welcome Series to specify that only IF “list_merging is not set” will people be qualified to enter the flow queue.


Re consent status of these people: 

Since they have accepts marketing = yes on their profile, they have indicated consent to receive emails. There’s likely just something not 100% syncing correctly between Klaviyo and Shopify. Especially since they have that AND have ordered or been shopping, these are subscribers you want to maintain a relationship with. 


2; build this segment to ID people who might need to be reactivated/ cleaned from your list

IF they have “accepts marketing = yes” on their profile, AND they have “Placed Order 0 times over all time” OR “Started Checkout 0 times over all time” THEN I’d start by running these emails through Emailable. ID anyone who gets flagged as “undeliverable” and suppress them. You might also do this for anyone flagged as “risky” depending on your comfort level with risking bounced emails… 


After that, it’s up to you whether or not you attempt to reactivate them. I’d recommend you try, since an existing profile is an asset to be preserved in most cases.


Warmup campaign recommendations: The best thing to do would be to start slow, don’t ask for a sale right away. Treat it as the start of a new friendship more or less. Re-introduce them to the brand and share an interesting story behind a product’s development if you have it. Similarly, if your brand has editorial-style content on the blog that’s evergreen, then you could send that. Give something to these people, see if they engage, THEN you could recommend ‘top 3 bestsellers’ or a similar ‘best place to start shopping’ type of purchase.


3; anyone who is unsuppressed AND not in your master list/ not opted in AND does not have “accepts marketing = yes” on their profile AND is not an undeliverable email

Just leave these people as they are in Klaviyo for now. You won’t be sending emails to them, unless they do something like triggering an Abandoned Cart flow, in which case those emails are helpful to them!


You’ll want to preserve these profiles and the data that exists around them in Klaviyo, in case they eventually do decide to opt in to marketing emails. Depending on whether or not your brand sends transactional emails with Klaviyo, these people will need to stay unsuppressed in order to receive those important emails. 


How to maintain this going forward

The best first place to start is to examine your Shopify and Klaviyo integration, and ensure that profiles who opt in to marketing, whether via Klaviyo signup forms or Shopify cart page options, are accurately syncing to your master list.