Recurring Email - Exclude Already Received

  • 20 July 2021
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Hello -

I need some clarification on if the flow is set up correctly to EXCLUDE anyone who has already received a specific email?



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Hi @Athletes Unlimited,

Thanks for sharing this with the Community.

I assume you are looking to exclude folks who have received the specific campaign email “KBYG - Event 7/25” but include people who have bought a ticket for the Event Name “Athlete’s Unlimited Lacrosse”? If so, you will need to separate the former criteria by “AND” from the latter. In addition, you will need to use “zero times” instead of “at least once” in your flow filter definition.

As your segment definition currently stands, anybody who meets any one of those 3 criteria will qualify for the flow. This is because the “OR” separator is inclusive meaning users only need to meet one of any condition separated by “OR” in order to qualify for the segment (the same principles apply to flows).

By using “AND” we are isolating the “Received Email” portion of the definition and saying the user must meet this portion of the definition in order to qualify. Then by adding “zero times” we’re requiring that they have never received this email to qualify for the flow. In combination, we’re saying only send these flow emails to people who have never (zero times) received the campaign email by the name “KBYG - Event 7/25”. Here is an example of what it would look like:

Except it would be expressed as a flow filter rather than in a segment definition. For more information on “AND” vs “OR”, I recommend checking out our comprehensive guide on this topic here.

Hope that helps! Thanks for being a part of our Community.