Reengagement sequence and unsubscribes

  • 14 December 2023
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Hi Everyone,


I’d like to send a re-engagement sequence to clean up our list and only retain subscribers who are still interested in getting our newsletter. 

Since this hasn’t been done in a very long time, there may be a lot of unsubscribes as a result. Might this hurt our deliverability? If yes, is there a way to set up the sequence so that it won’t hurt deliverability?


Thanks in advance!


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Hi @B B!

Have you seen our Help Center article on list cleaning?


List cleaning is a practice that usually helps deliverability, and we outline our suggested methods in that article.


One of our champions also wrote a great article on it here:


In short, there may be less risky ways to clean your lists than sending a re-engagement email, but it all depends on your overall business strategy and deliverability metrics




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Hi @Brian Turcotte,


Thanks for your response! Yes, I’ve seen those resources. I will be cleaning the list using other methods as well, however, I think it also requires a re-engagement sequence.


My question is: will a lot of unsubscribes generated by the re-engagement sequence affect our account health?


Thank you!

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Hey @B B 

Thanks for the follow up! Jumping in for Brian.

You are 100% right, a high unsubscribe rate can negatively impact your sending reputation and overall account health. One thing to consider is the time. Your account health is based on the last 30 days, so if you are worried there will be a lot of unsubscribes, I would suggest creating a few different segments of unengaged profiles (ie 90days, 6months, 1 year) and setup a win-back flow with the most recently engaged profiles first (higher probability for conversion). If this performs well without negatively impacting your deliverability, move on to the next segment and so on until the flow has been sent to each of your segments. If you start to see a negative impact, I would turn the flow off, and only send messaging to your most engaged for while until your deliverability has improved. 

You can also put the flow into “manual” mode and moderate how the flow is doing and only move profiles through as you see best for your company, However, this would require more hands on time.

Hope this helps to answer your question more directly.


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Yes, it does. Thanks for your response!

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Hey @B B 

So happy I could help! Thanks again for being part of the community!