Segmenting based on customer 'Product Ordered' = 'Product Type' in Shopify

  • 16 March 2023
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Hi there,

I am wanting to create segments based on the Product Types people order from Shopify. E.g A customer orders ‘product a’ from my Shopify store and ‘product a’ has a ‘Product Type’ of T-Shirt.


Seems like a pretty stock standard detail to pull from Shopify orders but i cannot find those metrics anywhere in Klaviyo. Am i missing something here?


Any help would be great.




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3 replies

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Hello Clayton_Smith!! If you need help with segmenting your Subscribers. Be Rest Assured, I can help you. Kindly message me by replying to this Message

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Hey @Thomas Clayton-Smith!


Glad to see you here in the community. What I’ve done in the past for similar segmenting is target “product collection contains ___” to identify a particular type of products. You can select multiple collections if needed.


If that doesn’t solve your problem, you could also try targeting “item name contains t-shirt, tshirt, etc.”


Hopefully that helps!



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Hi @ebusiness pros I have a few set up that way but was chasing by product type in particular. I have since had an answer that involves some API reconfiguring, which looks like the only way to achieve it.


Thanks for your help.