Shopify integration - can't search lists and not all lists showing

  • 7 October 2021
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I’ve created a new list for new SMS subscribers to be added to. When trying to change the list which SMS subscribers are added to, I cannot find the new list in the drop down: 

When trying to use search, the correct list flashes up, but the search input field removes the search term and resets before being able to select. This option is unable to be selected, it is not available as an option - checked in devtools.

There seems to be a limit of 150(?) options here, so lists which are not in that dropdown cannot be selected. Is this a bug?


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8 replies

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Hi @martin,

Welcome to the Community! Thanks for bringing this to our attention here and I hope to be here to help you through this process. 


As we do investigate to see if this is a bug issue, please be patient as I try and reach to support to see if we can get to the bottom of this. Once I have found more info, I hope to report back here with more info.

In addition, I have created a support ticket for this as this is a new error.




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Hi to anyone who might stumble on this issue. After working with our support and success engineering team, we have found that this is indeed due to a bug and has been resolved by contacting support. 

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Thank you Alex and Klaviyo for addressing this issue so quickly, and providing a solution before the bug was fixed. 

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Glad I could help! We all learn together here in the Community :)


We are partners with a Shopify Store that use Klaviyo for email marketing and we are helping them to set their Klaviyo up for SMS marketing.  We ran into a very similar issue to the above when trying to select the list their Shopify SMS contacts should be added to in Klaviyo.  They have a lot of lists in Klaviyo (>150) and when trying to update the settings so that SMS subscribers from Shopify would be added to their “SMS Subscribers” list in Klaviyo we couldn’t filter the list or find the “SMS Subscribers” anywhere.  We confirmed in Lists that the SMS Subscribers list existed, but it was not appearing as an option in the dropdown.


Please could you help us fix this?  They are all ready to go with SMS marketing in Klaviyo except for this one step.


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Hello @orla,

Can you confirm if this “SMS Subscribers” in the account is a List and not a Segment? In my experience, users will typically make this mistake where they mistake a segment for a list. Since both Lists & Segments are grouped under one category within the Klaviyo UI. 

I would recommend using the filters at the top of the Lists & Segments section to ensure you’re looking at the right type of grouping.  


Thanks @David To,

The SMS Subscribers list is created by default by Klaviyo.  Our client also created a new list from scratch in the Lists &Segments section and we also couldn’t find the new list in the dropdown.  So unfortunately that’s not the solution but thank you for the suggestion!  Any other ideas or help you can give would be greatly appreciated!



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Hey @orla,

Glad you already made sure that you were trying to find a List and not a Segment! 

That certainly is an odd behavior. For something like this, it may be a good idea to reach out to our Support colleagues to investigate further if you haven’t already. To me, this sounds like it may be something specific to your account. 

Would love it if you could share what our colleagues were able to uncover for this behavior!