Should I suppress all profiles not on newsletter list?

  • 17 September 2022
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Hi there,

I am new to Klaviyo and have a question.

I have connected my small woo-commerce shop to Klaviyo. Klaviyo shows 6578 profiles in a standard “all profiles not suppressed” list. Of these 2188 are on my newsletter list - these are the people who have given permission to emails from me (I uploaded these from a csv and I also uploadet profiles who have opted out and suppressed them).

My question:

The profiles NOT on my newsletter list and not currently suppressed: Should I suppress these? This way I cannot make a mistake and email people I don’t have permission from + also I will not have to pay for them.

Yes or no? And why (not)?

Thanks in advance!


Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 19 September 2022, 20:53

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Hi @MSW,


Thanks for sharing your question with us! Happy to help! 


Active Profiles, who are not subscribers, are generally people who share their email with you without explicitly consenting to ongoing email marketing. For example, someone who placed an order or abandoned a checkout on your site may have added their email address during the checkout process, but never explicitly opted in. While it is possible to contact active profiles, as explained in our documentation, it generally isn’t considered best practice as one should keep in mind your local email compliance legislation and the potential negative impact on your deliverability as they active profiles could mark further messaging as spam.


I would suggest creating a segment of un unengaged active profiles and suppress then using the segment logic: Is Not in x  List AND has not opened an email in the past 30 days. Once you have created this segment, you can suppress these users. I would also recommend the regular practice of List Cleaning as well to ensure overall account hygiene and to keep your deliverability rates high to ensure you’re sending marketing messages to those who really want to hear from you.


Finally, as you said you’re new to Klaviyo, I’d suggest these helpful courses to build a strong Klaviyo foundation and also watch out WooCommerce AMA article linked below, as my colleague will be updating it will all kinds of helpful content for our WC users! 


Thanks for participating in the Community!


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I find your answer a bit condesending. I would never dream of sending any mails to anybody who has not given consent. We respect our customers and our reputation is excellent. I thought that was pertty clear.


You talk about “best practice” but what your system makes possible is pure spam and illegal in this country. You ought to change this. It is too tempting for too many and in a way, Kalviyo promotes spam or at least makes it really easy to send spam.


All I wanted to know was if theres was any good reason to have the profiles in my account and not send to them. The answer was no, så I went ahead and suppressed them.