Show rendered email subject on profiles

  • 18 October 2021
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When using dynamic and conditional content on email subjects, It would be great to have the rendered version shown in the profile activity panel.

Right now it shows the original “code” with special characters, which is not only hard to read but also making it a guessing game to know what the profile has received as an email subject.

3 replies

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Hello @rdn_gt,

Thanks for sharing your feedback with the Klaviyo Community!

That is a great suggestion! I’ve personally have experienced this myself and will be sharing your thoughts to our Product Team to explore such a function within Klaviyo!

Thanks for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!


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I know this is a year old, but I’d like to say that I completely agree with @rdn_gt !!

@David To any idea if this is on the roadmap?

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Hey @KeviSunshine,

At present, I’m not aware of this specific feature being on our roadmap. However, this doesn’t mean it isn’t on our Product Team’s radar as they continuously try to improve our platform. I’ll be sure to provide updates on this topic when I hear any news!