Snooze Emails 30 days vs Once per month emails

  • 30 August 2023
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Can someone help me?

I created flows for snooze and once per month preferences. And I realized they are somewhat basically the same?

Flow trigger is segment where property = snooze, add time delay 30 days, then remove property snooze; then same as once per month. both have 30 days time delay.


Do I make sense?


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5 replies

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Hey @amitwentyone,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

From the sounds of it, it does seem like both of these profile properties are serving the same purpose with the time delay set in your flow. 

What is your overall goal for using these two profile properties?

In my experience, using your subscriber’s preferred email frequency is oftentimes used in campaigns rather than flows. If you haven’t already, you may want to also take a look at our How to create email frequency segments Help Center article. 

Using it in the way you have, where your flows are triggered off of these email frequency segments doesn’t entirely make sense. This is because segment triggered flows aren’t repeatable by your subscribers. 


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Hi David,


Thanks for answering :)


I created manage preference with email frequency options: Once a week, Once a month, and Snooze All Emails for 30 days.

I then created segments where Properties about someone Email Frequency = Once a month.

Next is I created flow that basically just updates the profile property after a month (30 days)

Flow trigger: Once a month segment
Time delay: 30 days
Update Profile Property: Email Frequency = All Emails

The segment that I created will be always excluded to all campaign sends. The flow basically just updates the profile property after 30 days so recipient can now receive campaigns.


So my problem is if Once a month and Snooze 30 days have the same approach? Or am I missing something?





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@David To ^

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Hey @amitwentyone,

I don’t think you’re missing something. Based on your setup and approach, it does seem like both your flows are serving the same purpose - which you may want to adjust. 

I would also suggest taking into consideration in what I previously mentioned about how segment triggered flows behave - they only allow your contacts to go through them once. This means that once users have gone through your flows, they would not be eligible for the flow again. 

Meaning, that if someone who has already gone through your flow once and has been snoozed for 30-days; if they decide to snooze the flow again at a later time, they would not be eligible for the flow a second time.



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I’ve come up with a couple of methods to leverage Klaviyo’s current abilities to snooze profiles (with no custom development needed.) They may not be perfect, but they’ll work. Both require a date field on the preference center that the user would have to define.


Option #1: First, define the length of the snooze period. Then have the subscriber specify the date they’d like the snoozer to begin.

Example of the preferences page for option #1


For option #1, here’s the segment you’d include in the “Don’t send to” bucket for all campaign emails.



Option #2:

First, define the maximum allowed time for the snooze. The example uses a 3 month max snooze time:


Example preference center for option #2.


For option #2, here’s the segment you’d include in the “Don’t send to” bucket for all campaign emails.


Again, these methods may not be ideal, but they’ll work and they require zero custom development.