Strange profile changes happening - but why?

  • 7 June 2023
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Need some detective work assistance here:

For some reason, at some point through a customer engagement, the customer profile on Klaviyo changes their First Name to "Whole" and Last Name to "Nutrition Infant Formula". (Our product descriptor is “Whole Nutrition Infant Formula”). We do not know when this change is happening and have spent a lot of time looking at events from the website and have not been able to identify a clear culprit. Every other system has the correct profile info: Segment, Amplitude, Shopify, Recharge, etc. It is only Klaviyo that has the wrong information.


Is there a way to look at a log of changes to a profile? If we could see when a profile changed we could easily track it to an event. Alternatively, it is unclear which events update the profile vs just adding properties - maybe that could help?


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Hi @valgeisler!


Hmm, that sounds like a Klaviyo bug to me. I haven’t come across any scenario like what you’re describing in my own clients’ accounts. I hope it’s able to be resolved quickly for you!


That said, as a heads up for @David To and @stephen.trumble  - I also see the value in having a change log for Klaviyo profiles. There have been several times where I’ve attempted to troubleshoot changes to custom profile property values that felt incomplete, or broken, and so far we don’t have a better way to do this than creating a test segment and individually spot checking a variety of random profiles. Could you please pass this feedback to the product team on our behalf?





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@David To can I actually ask you a question: does backline support have access to profile changes at the event level? If so, maybe they can help us solve this problem? We’ve had a ticket in with support before but perhaps we just didn’t get to the right part of the team. Would love your thoughts here.

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Hey @ebusiness pros,

Great suggestions! Although at present we don’t offer a change log for profiles, I’ll share this feedback with our Product Team! Just like how useful our flow history change log has been, I can absolutely see how useful a profile change log would be as well.

@valgeisler, it sounds like you’ve done a thorough job investigating this odd behavior. Outside of checking the tools you have integrated with Klaviyo, I would further suggest checking on any custom events or API calls you could be pushing to Klaviyo automatically. I’ve seen this on small occasions where some custom calls were setup through a website’s backend based on their user activity. This could influence and push updates to profiles. 

A common example of this relates to an odd BigCommerce signup form behavior. When subscribers filled out a BigCommerce provided signup form, but either the form did not have a first name field or the first name was not provided, the name was defaulted as “BC” in Klaviyo. This behavior turned out to be how the BigCommerce provided signup form had a default line in the code for “First_Name: BC” as a fallback default. This means that even if a customer had made a purchase, but later decided to subscribe to a newsletter through a form, their name could have potentially been updated to “BC” at a later time. 

This actually occurred some time ago where someone had embedded a signup form on their post purchase screen. After subscriber, the customer would then receive a post purchase email being addressed as “Hello BC, your order was confirmed...”. 

Although our Backline Support colleagues have a number of tools at their disposal to help identify potential bugs, this is not something they have access to.