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  • 5 November 2021
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I'm trying to create a pop-up form that will only show to new customers - not existing subscribers. However, when I change the setting to "Don't show to vistors in certain list or segment" and set it to my main list or “don’t show to existing klaviyo profiles” - it still shows the pop up to the people on the main list. I'm testing by going on the website myself because my email is also on the main list. How can i fix this? The point of this is to create different pop ups for new subscribers and existing customers. Please help!


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Hey @naima,

The factors of requiring cookies would still play a role in only wanting to display a signup form for existing profiles within Klaviyo. When using the Target visitors in an existing list or segment form setting, the form would only display to contacts whose browser is cookied and on the list or segment you’ve targeted. If you wanted the form to only appear to any existing contacts/profiles of your Klaviyo account, you can do so by creating a broad segment with the definitions of “Properties about someone, email contains @” and designating it as as your target segment.

@NicoleR, at present, there wouldn’t be a way to use a Klaviyo signup form to determine if a contact is already a subscriber or not to provide a message such as “Thank you, you are already on our list”. You can however, get around this by building and using your own legacy form which has this sort of functionality built into it. I’ve elaborated on this in similar Community posts which i’ve included below:

In addition, because discount codes are oftentimes sent to customers after they’ve subscribe to your newsletter in a Welcome Series flow, existing subscribers would not have the capability to receive the discount a second time. This is because a Welcome Series flow, which is triggered by a list would only allow contacts to enter the flow just once. This is further explained in the Guide to Creating a List-Triggered Flow Help Center article. 


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How do we also set the correct messaging for these pop-ups, that if your email exists, it will say something like “Thank you, you are already on our list”   Instead of sending them the 10% off for new customers only…..

oh, okay. that does make sense. 

If I wanted to set up a pop up for existing profiles on klaviyo, would that work? So, no new customer would see this pop up - only existing customers that have subscribed already or have purchased already. Would that work? Or would the popup be shown to everyone?

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Hey @naima,

This would really depend on if these existing MailChimp contacts and their browsers were cookied via Klaviyo. If these contacts were cookied such as subscribing again on your website recently, completing a purchase, or interacting with a Klaviyo email you sent out, then those signup form settings would hold. However, if those contacts did not take any of those actions and visited your site without being cookied, despite the form using those settings, the form would still appear. 

This is because Klaviyo would technically recognize this visitor as a new visitor. 


thanks for replying I imported my list from MailChimp. I don’t want the same new subscriber pop-up to show up in front of people already on my previous MailChimp list. Is there anything I could do about this?

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Hello @naima,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

Just to verify, did you happen to cookie your own browser with an email address that already exists in your Klaviyo account while enabling those settings and testing? Despite being a profile or being a member of your Klaviyo list, if your browser is not cookied, Klaviyo would be unable to recognize if the signup form should or should not be displayed. 

This is because those signup form settings of Don't show to visitors in certain list or segment, Don’t show to existing Klaviyo profiles, or Don't show again after submit form or go to URL are based on cookies to recognize site visitors. 

You can learn more about cookies and how to self cookie your own browser for internal testing from the Guide to Klaviyo Web Tracking Help Center article. 

I hope this helps!