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  • 29 July 2021
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I am moving my customer list from my current email provider over to Klaviyo and I need some wording (catchy title and email copy) for how to:

  1. notify current engaged customers that the provider is changing (nothing will really change for them)
  2. re-engage customers who were moved to “transactional” status due to a glitch between Shopify and my old provider (they haven’t heard from me in a while BUT they are likely repeat customers)
  3. re-engage customers who may have unsubscribed on my old provider but still show as subscribed on their Shopify account.

The problem is I have data from Shopify which has 6800 subscribers, data from my old provider which is FEWER because of that glitch and now, data from the Shopify to Klaviyo import (which is lower than both of the other numbers for some weird reason). 


I don’t want to send an email to the list that imported over from Shopify and then have a massive number of people unsubscribe and get flagged as SPAM or something.


Can anyone help me with this? 

2 replies

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Hello @PieceCraftLove,

Welcome to Klaviyo!

I would love to hear some catchy titles or email copies other Community members use as well! Chiming into your points though, since it sounds like you are trying to re-engage with some of your older contacts, I would suggest taking a look at some great resources other Community members like @wei.he and @Julie Hayes has shared with strategies on how to do so which i’ve linked below:

In addition, I would strongly advise against reaching out to contacts who have already unsubscribed from your brand once before, even if it was on a different email service provider. Switching email service providers does not mean those opt-in preferences from your contacts should be ignored or are rest. Instead, I would recommend suppressing these contacts who have unsubscribed as they have explicitly opted out of receiving further email marketing materials from you. 

One thing to also take note of is that as part of the Shopify integration with Klaviyo, the consent status of your customers are not synced over. This means that you’ll want to manually export a list of customers who have unsubscribed or opted out from your previous ESP and Shopify and import them into your suppression list within Klaviyo to adhere to their opt-in status. This will also help ensure you are following deliverability best practices.

You can learn more about suppressing profiles and how to manually import contacts into your suppression list from the About Suppressed Profiles in Klaviyo and How to Bulk Delete or Suppress Contacts in Klaviyo Help Center Articles.

Thanks for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!


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Thank you for this reply David,

I wasn’t aware that the consent status doesn’t sync, that seems like a pretty basic thing that should happen, as much as I want the sales data from my customers and Klaviyo makes that easier to view, why wouldn’t their subscription preference be automatically connected?


I would absolutely respect the previous opt in or out preferences of my customers, which is why instead of importing the list from my previous ESP I just synced the contacts over using the Shopify Integration with Klaviyo. 


I guess no one else has any insight into this because no one else responded. But so far, what I’ve done is:

  1. offer a Customer Appreciate SALE in the shop last weekend when I sent out my first email to the “refreshed” list, with the thought that anyone who hasn’t heard from me in a while due to the glitch with the other provider dropping people, it may get them interested in buying again and joining back to the newsletter
  2. added wording to the top of my weekly newsletter to remind customers about the ability to change their preferences to being subscribed


That seems to be working so far. 


This is a steep learning curve for me but I think I already have a clearer idea of how customers are interacting with my emails.