Trouble adding custom properties on profiles automatically using Wix.

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Hi I hope everyone is doing good. I am having an issue automatically adding custom properties to profiles that join my mailing list.

I am using a contact us form from Wix and I would like for whenever someone fills out the form they get added to a segment of the main list indicating that they filled out this form. I am using labels on Wix so that whenever someone fills out this form they have a specific label added to them. Whenever I open the csv file containing my mailing list from Wix it includes the label as a column with all the specific labels attached to the profile. However when someone fills out the form they get added as a profile on Klaviyo but under custom properties it doesn’t include the label I attached on it from Wix. It only includes on property which is Wix labels with the value []. Is there a way where wix labels can be automatically updated that when they fill out that form they get the specific label from wix attached to their profile?


Thank you for all your help I look forward to hearing from you all!


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Hello @Nate Fremy,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

At present, Wix labels are not synced to Klaviyo by default. That said, our product team is actively working on implementing this functionality as a product enhancement. 

To sync over those custom fields in your Wix built form as custom profile properties to Klaviyo, you’ll need to make a request using our Update Client Profile API endpoint

Alternatively, you could also replace the existing Wix sign up form with a Klaviyo built one.

I hope this helps!



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Thank you @David To I appreciate your help!

I’ve tried using embed Klaviyo forms but it still isn’t working on my Wix site. I’ve decided to onboard my automations on Wix as I don’t need anything complicated and support tickets on Klaviyo. Again thank you for your help it was much appreciated!