Trying to upload a list (CSV) and keep getting error message: "Duplicate Headers"

  • 14 June 2021
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Hi all,


Strange because I have done this many times before, but I am attempting to upload a list and it keeps saying “duplicate headers” when there are no duplicate headers. I have tried with different files and I keep getting the same message. Has anyone had this happen before? I only have three columns (First Name, Last Name and Email. When I try to copy and paste, I get the same message and when I try to remove the header altogether, I still get the same message. Any help appreciated.



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Hello @Hiba,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community.

In most cases, the duplicate headers error is referring to duplicate blank column headers. The solution is to remove any additional blank columns in your .csv file. Also, ensure when you are uploading that all data types are set to the “string” data type.

This should resolve the issue for you.


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Hi @Dov , how do you delete those blank columns headers in the file? I'm getting the same issue 

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Hi @karentiamson21,

Thanks for your question.

Here’s some information from this guide on how to highlight these columns: “To select multiple adjacent rows/columns at once, just select the first one by clicking on the row number or column alphabet and drag the cursor till the last row/column you want to select”

Then, hold the Control key + click on mac (or right-click on pc) and select “Delete Columns” for that range.