Updating segment when someone clicks a link

  • 12 August 2023
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Hi - I’m trying to add addresses to a segment when customers click a link.  But when I test myself my email is not being added to the segment.  I’m using the following: {% update_property_link 'segment_name' 'True' 'landing page url' %}  I’m updating the two fields in blue with the name of my segment and the landing page I want to direct to after.  When I send the test it directs to the landing page that I want but the segment I’ve created is not updating with my email.  Does anyone have suggestions on how to fix?

Thank you!


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Hello @MJS23,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

I think it would be helpful if you shared the segment definitions you were using. 

Also, both @smileyrox and @Dov had a great discussion on this exact same topic which I’ve included below that could be helpful in reviewing:

Are you also testing this through a live email send? Keep in mind that if this was through a preview email, Klaviyo would not recognize those properties and values needed to compile the segment. 

I hope this helps!