Using Multi Checkbox in CONDITIONAL SPLIT Flow

  • 19 June 2023
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Hey Hey,
I’m trying to create a signup form that has a multi check box and then using the answers in a email flow.
I want to send a different emails for each property that is marked.

Can someone help?
I can’t find any of one of properties i’ve created under the “Properties about someone” in flow filtering. 



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4 replies

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Hi @Yoavshaf thanks for posting in the Klaviyo community! 


When you’ve created new profile properties, they won’t show in lists/segments or flows until the property as been “activated” by someone using it. When this happens and I want to set something up for the future, I use my own profile in Klaviyo, and under Custom Properties you can add the properties you just created in your own profile. Make sure when you click Add custom property that you use the exact same values as you did when you originally created your properties - spelling, capitalization, etc all have to be exactly the same. 


If I had a property called Frequency, for example, I would click Add custom profile property and then add in the first value. 


And once you’ve done that, you can edit the same property and update the value for every value you have - then when you go to create the conditional splits in your flows, the properties will be there. 


Hope that helps!

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Dear @KatherineB 
Thank you for your help. Another small question. 
Can I do a CONDITIONAL SPLIT between 3 values? or should i create 3 different flows with filtering of the property ?

(it’s for a Signup form with 3 values that are triggered on a date.  Anniversary/ Birthdate/Othe.  Customer can choose which event). I want to create a flow for each. Would love to create them under the same one.

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Hi @Yoavshaf , yes you can do a conditional split for 3 different values. I would do the first conditional split with the first value - for anyone who goes down the “no” split, do another conditional split with the second value, and then on the no split on that one, have the last profile property. In each split you can have whichever emails you want. 


Hope that helps!



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Dear Katherine
Please check your DM.