Using Revenue Hunt Recommendation in a Klaviyo Email

  • 28 July 2021
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Currently, my client is using “Revenue Hunt” in his brand. So he has this form/test integrated in his website. After filling out the form, Revenue Hunt will then suggest 3 products that are fit to the liking/preferences of the person. 

We would like to incorporate these 3 suggested items in a flow. So, everytime the person fills out the form, he will enter our flow. First email of the flow will then contain these 3 suggested items. 

How do I do that? Is there a certain coding that I need to do? 

Also I made sure that his Shopify Account and Revenue Hunt account is integrated. 

Thank you in advance!


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Hi @JustJassy,

Thanks for sharing this with the Klaviyo Community.

After reviewing the Revenue Hunt documentation on integrating with Klaviyo, we can see that the data from the quiz will be expressed in Klaviyo as custom properties.



From there, you can construct a flow based on these custom properties. I recommend checking out the Revenue Hunt documentation on getting the segments set-up. One way you could trigger the flow would be by using a segment-triggered flow

I also recommend checking in with Revenue Hunt to see if a discrete metric is logged when a user fills the quiz. If so, you can use a metric-triggered flow based on that event to trigger your flow for users that fill the quiz.

After you drag and drop your flow emails, you will use person-look up tags to pull these custom properties containing information about the quiz results/behaviors into the flow emails to suggest the products that are fit to the liking/preferences of the individual. You can insert any custom property into your flow email by using the “Insert Property” button within a text block in your email.

Here is an example using an arbitrary custom property called ‘form_name’


When a user views the email with this tag, Klaviyo will dynamically display the value for that custom property.

I hope that make sense! Thanks for being a member of our Community.


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This was very helpful both question and answers! Thanks!

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Hi @indiadobey


Welcome to the Community Forum! We are so happy to hear that both question and answer were helpful for you! This is exactly what the Community Forum is designed to do, help answer your questions so you can become a Klaviyo master and get connected to other users through their shared best practices and questions. 


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