What's the difference between Subscribe to List and Accepts Marketing?

  • 20 May 2021
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Hi all, 


I seem to of got myself in a little bit of a mess and just seem to be going round in circles. Im so confused. 


Here are some details: 

I have a sign up pop up 

I have an embeded form on my website.


When I signed up to Klaviyo I made a list lets call it ‘List A’

On this list I have 217 people


I have created a segment for all those who accept marketing using: 

  • Subscribed to List at least onceover all time
    OR Accepts Marketing is true

This list now has 295 members?? - how can that be? 


I have today added a check box to my pop up form that is accepting marking and sourced that to accepts marketing: true.


Do my people who subscribe from my pop up and subscription page go straight to my ‘List A’?


As you can tell I really have got myself in a state over it. 




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Hey Aerial, nice to meet you. This can be tricky to understand for sure, maybe I can help :smile:

To answer your question: Yes, profiles who subscribe from your embedded form or pop-up form will go to ‘List A’ as long as both of the forms are linked to ‘List A.’

If you’d like a better understanding of why there’s a difference in profiles in the segment you created, here’s a quick rundown of ‘Subscribed to List’ and ‘Accepts Marketing’.

Subscribed to List

The Subscribed to List metric is added to a Klaviyo profile if the profile subscribed to a list via a Klaviyo signup form, through QuickAdd, or with the V2 List API’s subscribe endpoint.

Accepts Marketing

Accepts Marketing” is a separate, Shopify-specific property that is added to a Klaviyo profile when a customer checks, or does not check, the Accepts Marketing box at checkout.

Putting It Together

Seeing as the ‘Accepts Marketing’ property exists independently from ‘Subscribed to List’, the additional profiles you’re seeing in the segment could be subscribers that were gathered at checkout who did not complete any of the actions that would warrant the ‘Subscribed to List’ metric to be added to their Klaviyo profile.

Here are some recommendations moving forward:

Hope this helps!

All the best,

Dan Jacobs | Samadhi Marketing

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It’s also worth noting the following for future reference: 


User A, subscribes via the Shopify Checkout and is added to the Newsletter List (via the standard process), their profile will be marked with the ‘Accepts Marketing = True’ custom property.

If User A goes on to unsubcribe via a Klaviyo email, they will be removed from the Newsletter list but the ‘Accepts Marketing = True’ custom property will not be updated. 


What we recommend for our all customers is that all data is added to a single list (regardless of source) and custom properties are used for segmentation. Then you build the segments whilst including this list. So for example if I wanted to find all customers who have purchased the blue shirt in the last 30 days and were contactable via email I would build the segment as follows: 

Is in ‘Newsletter’ 

Is not supressed 

Placed order where item = blue shirt in the last 30 days