Whats the difference between accepts marketing and the Newsletter list?

  • 15 January 2021
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Hi there, 

I’ve been looking at lists on our account and noticed that our Newsletters list is 5k under the amount of customer we have on a list where the definition is just ‘accepts marketing’ can anyone say why this is? 


Also is there a way we can then add this extra 5k to our newsletter list?!

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Hi @Alastairofecw !

“Accepts marketing” is a Shopify-specific property. If someone opts-in to email marketing in your Shopify store, you will notice that they have a property of “Accepts marketing = true.”

In your integration settings, you can choose to have users who accept marketing in Shopify get added to a list in Klaviyo:


As long as you have this setting checked off, then you can just use your Klaviyo lists as your source of truth for opt-ins. You won’t want to rely on this property because it is a Shopify property, which means subscribers you collect through a Klaviyo signup form will not have this property. 

Generally speaking, your subscriber lists in Klaviyo are the most accurate way to identify users who have given consent for email marketing!





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If i don’t click on Subscribe customers who Accept Marketing to a Klaviyo List in Shopify Integration, Will the contact still be inserted in the cart abandonment flow?

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Hi there @Vincenzo Cassese,

If a customer in your Shopify store had already accepted marketing, then they would be eligible for emails to be sent to them. The button within the integration setting just allows for you to automatically put these customers into a list if you wanted to target them for marketing related flows or similar content.


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So if a first-time person goes to checkout without ticking email marketing and without buying, they won't enter the cart abandonment flow?

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Hi @Vincenzo Cassese,

So that would depend actually. Did the customer submit the contact information page? So I’m pretty much asking did the customer enter their contact information and move onto the next step in the checkout process? If so, then they would still get checkout abandonment flow emails. If they did not submit the form as in did not move onto the next page/billing page then they would not receive the flow. It actually doesn't matter if the user ticked the accept marketing checkbox or not.

The Accepts Marketing option in Klaviyo is only related to providing opt-in to a list for our platform.


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Ok thank you 😁

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My pleasure! 


Where exactly is the feature to subscribe customers who accept marketing to a Klaviyo list within the intergration settings? I only see this verbiage. 




Is this the same?