Why are their multiple dimensions for one product?

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Okay firstly, I am not sure if the drop down menus in my screenshot are ‘dimensions’ but that’s what I am calling them until someone corrects me :) 

What I am attempting to do below is create a segment of people who have purchased a certain product, our Kendal Pant. The issue here is when I selected the dimension: “Kendal Pant” the segment only generated 34 people, which is completely inaccurate.


So what I was starting to do was add each and every single variant of the Kendal Pant as an “OR”—which you can see I was doing in the screenshot with the “Kendal - Bone - 2XL” ‘OR’ and so on...

Am I creating more work for myself? Is there an easier way to do this? And is there a way to ensure that there is only one dimension per product?

Sorry if this was confusing. Would appreciate any help!





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Order product - If someone orders product they will named as order product 

but you want someone who has purchased product from you 

I would recommended  do fulfill order 

Order Product - Fulfill Ordre 

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Hey @Vbeebs 

Thank you for asking about segmenting based on multiple product variations.

The easiest way to do this is to create a  catalog collection in your shopify account with all the variations of the Kendal Pant in it. Once that is created you can resync your catalog with Klaviyo and then use that collection to segment by. 

Hope this helps!

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But if I create a segment based on ‘Order Fulfilled’ won’t I not be able to select a certain product? I would like to encompass all Kendal Pant orders—not every order ever made.


Thank you