Why Clicked email tracked but the Open email event not tracked?

  • 21 May 2021
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Hi all, I have this situation where a user is clicking links in the emails I’ve sent, viewing products via those links, etc…

But Klaviyo is not registering that these emails have been opened. I only happened to notice this when I was checking out a profile that I was going to suppress due to engagement.


Thanks in advance for any help or clarification! :)


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2 replies

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Hello @thewickedgriffin,

Thanks for sharing this experience! 

Recipients of your emails triggering the Clicked Email event but not the Opened Email event can occur primarily for two reasons; either your emails were clipped or they were being reviewed by the recipient’s inbox filters. 

I’ve gone through both of these points in a similar Community post below:

For these reasons listed above, when list cleaning, we recommend ensuring customers have not opened or clicked an email to ensure that they truly are not engaged contacts. 

So glad to hear your list cleaning! @Julia.LiMarzi also has a wonderful course on deliverability highlighting the benefits of list cleaning that you can check out below: 

Hope this helps!


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