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  • 31 October 2020
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Hello there,


I have connceted my Clickfunnel option page to my FREE account Klaviyo account using Zapier. The Zap is set correctly but I can’t see the subscribers to be added to the list. So is this because of a FREE Klaviyo account?


Any advices appreciated.





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Hi @Danialzb 

Thanks so much for joining our Klaviyo Community, and sharing this experience with Zapier and Clickfunnel. 

Regarding the Zapier connection for Clickfunnel and why it's not syncing up your customer data, you’re essentially correct that this is due to having double-opt from a free Klaviyo account. 

The reason why Zapier isn’t sending over data of your subscribers to the appropriate Klaviyo list is due to how our Subscriptions API endpoint handles list bombing. In short, a large number of subscriptions from an IP address looks suspicious to Klaviyo's system, so they are blocked. For most 3rd party integrations, Klaviyo works with the 3rd party platform to verify and "whitelist" subscribers coming from their platforms. However, since Zapier doesn't have any list-bombing protections in place, our list-bombing protections end up blocking their IPs.

In order to turn this off, you would need to turn off double opt in and enable single-opt in, which does require a paid plan. Most often, customers choose to implement single opt-in when they are using other third party signup forms or tools.

More on list bombing here:

More on Double-Opt/Single-Opt In:

Hope this is helpful information!

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Hello Cassy,


I understand it. Thank you so much.




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Hi Cassy,

Based on your explanation,  does this mean that I cannot integrate Klaviyo to Click Funnels using Zapier zaps UNLESS I have a paid account with Klaviyo ?

So this still means I would ONLY be using single opt-in with Klaviyo in order to make this work with Click Funnels ? Is there anyway to make this work but with double opt-in ? Mark