Klaviyo Showcase: Valentine's Edition

  • 7 February 2023
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Klaviyo Showcase: Valentine's Edition
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With Valentine’s Day upon us, you might love some inspiration for your own marketing campaign. Twigs, apparel and accessories brand, shared an example of their marketing from last year. 

Below you will find excerpts from their highly successful email campaign. Between the design, product recommendations and discount offered, there are a number of reasons why this campaign was adored by their customers. Check it out!



4 replies

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Hi @stephen.trumble ,

Wow Twigs did a fantastic job on this campaign and it has paid off 😊 Loving the clean, clear design and easy CTA’s.

@Ashley I. has raised some really valid and strong points, all which are extremely important to consider when planning, creating and executing your promotional campaigns, and I love your extra notes on Gift Guides, we too have found this works really well for our clients!

A strategy I also like to use that yields strong results is sending a ‘last call’ (or known as Close Down) email. Sending this at optimum times (which using Klaviyo, you can easily identify) to tell customers that there is only 12 hours (for example) left of the sale. This creates a sense of urgency and draws their attention to ensure they secure savings. This can also work well with the delivery cut off timings too.

I would also highly recommend the use of Klaviyo’s Subject Line Assistant, this tool is a great way to create amazing eye catching subject lines or spawn an idea.

Another one is promoting those last minute gift ideas, especially Online Gift Vouchers. 
Online Gift Vouchers can be sent in minutes and help with those who are hard to buy. It is always good too promote the benefits of these and reminding your customers about them.

Hope everyone had a great Valentines! 💞 



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Hi @stephen.trumble,

I think this is a great example of a strong promotional email campaign! I wanted to highlight a few things that I think really worked in the brand’s favor on this one:

  1. Send time is optimized for top-of-inbox placement. Twigs used a favorite strategy of mine which is to send campaigns out as recipients would be waking up. Think about it - what is the very first thing you do when you open your eyes in the morning? For me, for better or worse, it’s check my phone! Sending at 7:00am local time will ensure that when a recipient goes to check their email for the first time that day, this message will be close to the top of their inbox. (Maybe would have been made even better if this brand made use of the Smart Send Time feature in their Klaviyo account 😉)
  2. Getting out ahead of the holiday clutter. Starting your holiday promotion strategy early (like this brand did by sending on Feb 3rd) is a great way to get ahead of all the clutter that will hit a subscriber’s inbox the day of a major holiday. Not only does this give the brand’s message a better opportunity to be seen, but also allows them to segment users based on what they like (either a specific item or a product category they browsed) to hit them with more relevant content in the next one. 
  3. Eye-catching subject line. I’m a sucker for a good pun! In addition to the playful verbiage, adding an emoji and capitalized ‘SALE’ text is sure to draw the attention of an engaged recipient. It’s important not to overdo the capitalization or special characters for better deliverability, so this brand got it just right. Since 70% off is such a generous discount, I would say that the brand would have also included this number in the subject line to attract even more attention. 
  4. One main CTA placed above the fold. Once subscribers have opened the email, it’s important that they are compelled to take action. A great way to do just that is to make use of one clear CTA above the fold in the email design, so that it is the first thing a user sees upon opening. This is especially important on small screens, like mobile, where real estate is limited and you want to give your message the best chance of converting. The additional links and product photos below are great to have for users who need to see a little more before deciding if they would like to proceed to the site to make a purchase.

Another strategy I’ve found success with for brands in the past is creating gift guides prior to any gift-giving holiday, and setting an “order by” date to create a sense of urgency. Here, we use on-site landing pages in conjunction with targeted email & SMS campaigns to drive segmented users to the website for the products they care about most. We find that the use of countdown timers in the email with an order deadline prominently displayed also helps to encourage the recipient to take action. 


Happy Valentine’s Day, all! 💖

-- Ashley Ismailovski

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Hey @Irrra @Ashley I. or @Kylie W!

Would love to hear some experts weigh in on what you think worked in the email or what you do the same that you love? Our members love when they get to hear from some of our Champions!

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Love the pun in the subject line — that would definitely encourage me to click if this popped into my inbox!