Low open rates this week

  • 18 February 2021
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Is anyone else experiencing really low open rates this past week? We were at 20+ consistently over the last and the last 3 campaigns we’ve experienced a significant dip in open rates (less than 10%). Would really appreciate any insight or advice!

1 reply

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We handle a lot of resellers across hundreds of brands across about seven different product sectors. We had auto parts up big (we think because of our competitors were delaying shipments due Texas woes) but likewise have a health/diet product that dropped to 10% (24% avg) like you. Textiles were also down for us. We try not to lie to ourselves about causes (virus news du jour; weather events) week by week but making sure the monthly/quarterly trends are not breaking down. We do have some campaigns where we send it again ~4 days later at a diff time and those can pick up some of the lost sales (Smart Send Time report opened our eyes to some other time slots plus not married to data.) We do try to pair an abnormal event against sessions and other traffic data of course to confirm or see new patterns. Hope that helps.